Statement to Parliament following the attack in Westminster

“Before we move to business today I would like to say a few words to the Chamber.
Members will wish to know that I have this morning written to Speaker Bercow, Lord Fowler and to the Mayor of London on behalf of the Scottish Parliament. I wanted to convey our sympathy and our sorrow, our solidarity with fellow parliamentarians, and to express our sense of loss at the loss of life and cruel suffering inflicted on so many innocent individuals and their families yesterday. Flags are flying at half-mast at Holyrood today and we observed a 1 minute silence this morning as a mark of respect to those affected by the tragic events.
This morning the Parliament’s Corporate Body received a briefing from Police Scotland. I want to reassure Members that there is no change to the threat level and no intelligence to suggest a specific threat to Scotland, Edinburgh or Holyrood. However, as a precautionary measure, security was heightened with immediate effect at the Scottish Parliament and the Corporate Body, in discussion with Police Scotland and the security services, will continue to keep our security arrangements under review as we always do.
I convened a meeting of the Parliamentary Bureau this morning and a motion will be put to Parliament later today proposing that the debate on Scotland’s Choice be rescheduled for next Tuesday. This change has the support of all Business Managers. Other business today will proceed as scheduled as will the business at our sister parliament in Westminster.
I hope I speak for all Members in saying that this shocking event should serve to remind us of the importance of holding firm to our humanity and of defending our democracy.”